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numbered days Original Alkyd Oil Painting by UK Figurative Artist Jonathan Brier  Art Broken Realism Artwork

Numbered Days

A darker piece visually and in content. This painting has me dealing with the desperation to achieve something. As usual, time is crippling me... Aesthetically I was happy that I managed to get a balance between the finished and the incomplete. Visually it has a convincing collaged feel to it. The hand in particular looks like it could have been drawn separately and stuck on. Personally, I wish I had tightened up some areas. I know it looks more or less believable but for my tastes, it could maybe have been polished more. All the same, I am really proud of this piece. 

'Numbered Days'

Figurative Art By Jonathan Brier

Original Alkyd Oil Painting on board.

60 x 80 cm.



Now available as a Limited Edition Giclee Print...



Figurative Art

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