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'White Dress'

Figurative Art

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My work is crammed full of extream emotions from inception to completion. It's a personal roller coaster of highs and lows, excitement and optimism through desperation and despair back up to elation only to be blindsided by regret with hope usually flitting in and out, a relatively constant underlying presence, battling with my shame and insecurity all along the way...

Emotional Art is completed basically through dogged determination and commitment to seeing it through...

In the end, you will hopefully and likely see a Serene and balanced version of the artwork relative to that of its process of creation. Never the less this painting will still hold all of the feelings and emotional content poured into its being. 
Look close enough and like any being, you will see the carefully concealed cracks that hold a multitude of truths.
Somethings are just hidden better than others and some things are worth the pain.
It's always emotional...

'White Dress Back'

Figurative Art By Jonathan Brier

Original Alkyd Oil Painting on board.

80 x 110 cm.




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