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Figurative Art Prints

Beautiful Modern Art Prints created from the original, evocative Paintings of Jonathan Brier.

Limited Edition Artworks that combine aesthetics with thought-provoking enigmatic imagery. The Subjects, suspended in time often in a state of introspection. For what exactly has placed our subjects in this particular stage of their story is unexplained but there is always a tension present.

Frustration can be read into the paintings, an uneasy presence of the unresolved. The Abstracted backdrop and unfinished areas hit that the scene may not even be completely tangible. This dreamy, ghost-like quality only makes you feel more in touch with the girls in the paintings. This haze adds a familiar atmosphere of uncertainty.



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living room


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ClicksLast 7 days
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QueryVolCPCCompLast 7 days
ClicksPrevious 7 days
ClicksLast 7 days
ImpressionsPrevious 7 days

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