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Lost Original Alkyd Oil Painting by UK Figurative Artist Jonathan Brier  Art Broken Realism Artwork

Lost, at first glance appears to be a fairly abstract painting but at its core, there is still a foundation of figurative realism.

This is a painting that was not initially designed to look destroyed but an actually completed figure piece that just could not quite stand on its own for whatever reason.

Elements worked but regardless, like a caterpillar it was destined to become something else. I doubt however anyone would consider this a metaphorical butterfly, maybe a moth perhaps... colour suggestive anyway...

However, it does have all the truth and honesty I feel I can put into a painting and it's all quite apparent, its right there on the surface. It's an emotional piece which at its most optimistic projects a hint of hope all be it against a backdrop of fear and regret.


Figurative Art By Jonathan Brier

Original Alkyd Oil Painting on board.

80 x 110 cm.



Figurative Art

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